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Lighting the tree in Gavin Park

The holiday season in Wilton start with the lighting of the tree in Gavin Park on December 7.

When Carol Parkhurst donated the spruce to Wilton in 1999 in memory of her husband, Spencer, she had no idea that lighting the tree would become a Wilton family tradition to attend.

And she had no idea the tree would double in size in 13 years. (Thanks to good care from Steve Porto and John King)

This year a light mist meant the outdoor ceremonies would be short with Supervisor Art Johnson lighting the tree. Fortunately, Carol. Parkhurst was able to be there for the lighting.

Then Santa arrived on the Maple Avenue hook 'n ladder. With the light mist Santa was soon in the Dailey Gym to welcome all the good little boys and girls and hear their Christmas wishes.

Refreshments and cookies added to the festive setting. And after visiting Santa Christmas movies and cartoons were played on the big Gavin Park screen.

Jim Burton was everywhere with his keyboard playing holiday music before the tree lighting and then in the gym. Thanks, Jim, just a nice touch to the evening.