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Rides, fun. cotton candy, a Camel and lots of information on Wilton

Sandy says Art is always beaming when he leaves home for a day at ParkFest. Art will tell you as Supervisor heís found ParkFest is just a great way to meet Wilton citizens and hear their concerns.

Thatís why Art Johnson (and Sandy) and the other Wilton Town officials are at ParkFest. Town Historian Jeannie Woutersz and Heritage Society president Catherine Orton are there to hear questions about our Wilton heritage and explain ways to preserve our heritage.

Nancy Riely, Artís executive assistant, is there to answer any question Art canít handle. Kirk Woodcock, says he doesnít mind getting compliments about how his Highway Department handled snow removal last winter - and if someone has problems, he wants to hear about it.

Our Council members, Steve Streicher, Joanne Klepetar, John McEachron, John Lant (John was also presenting Maple Ave Fire Company) were there to meet citizens.

Margo Olson had displays of fauna and trail maps to show the walks and the opportunities to explore nature in our 3,000 acre Wilton Wildlife and Nature Preserve.

And one canít go to a ParkFest without trying to dunk a Wilton celebrity to help our own Operation Adopt-A-Soldier. Cliff Sequin who founded Adopt-A-Soldier ten years was there at ParkFest to remind folks our guys are still over there and they still need our support. Check

Of course, most people go to ParkFest for a family outing, rides, good eats, cotton candy and fireworks...fireworks...fireworks.

Friends of Wilton Rec unveiled the Walk of Honor surrounding the Gavin Park Flagpole on ParkFest. The Walk recognizes and honors those who have supported recreational programs in Wilton.

Former Supervisor and Senator Roy MacDonald was there to speak of the vision of Bob Gavin, deceased Town Supervisor, who saw the possibilities of the area now bearing his name.

Roy who succeeded Bob as Supervisor continued the development of the Park. Roy said though there was opposition it was clear a strong park was vital to the growth of Wilton.

Today with 2 gyms, the youth baseball fields, soccer fields that attract teams from throughout the Northweast and community programs like ParkFest and the Community Tree Lighting for the holidays Wilton has a program that serves our community.

But more can be done and that is the mission of Friends of Wilton Rec.

Joe Bartol, president of the Friends, talked of the need to support the rec program and help provide beyond town budget limitations.

The Walk of Honor is paved stones with names engraved that recognize individuals, families and businesses.

Gayle Gavin, Bobís wife, and Stu LaDue, vice president of the Friends unveiled the Walk Saturday.