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Slide Show on a Blog


Slide Show on a Blog

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My mother has wanted to put together a slide show for her blog, the ones where she has a lot of pictures she wants to upload anyway.  After a little checking I found the site authorSTREAM which offers free streaming of uploaded powerpoint slideshows, a function which seems perfect for this sort of application, since they not only allow pictures but voiceover as well.

So as a test, I?ve signed up, made a powerpoint slideshow of a few hardware pictures I?ve took a while back, and I?ve just uploaded it.

Now the site takes a few minutes to process the uploaded files for viewing, at which point I?ll confirm that the embedding process actually is as simple as it seems by trying the embed here.  If it works, that means I?ll have a complete set of simple options to go over with mom.

Ok, let?s try it now:


Now it?s just upload, and make sure it plays right.

Ok, had to mess with a few permissions, but it it seems to have embedded just fine.  It seems to be loading really slowly though, I?ll have to check to see if that?s the network or something else.

Curious, on chrome it isn?t finishing loading, but firefox loads it just fine.  Same with Internet Explorer.  Well, I?ll just delete and redo the upload and see if that changes things

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