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Pictures on wiltonnewyork.com and geysermilton.com


Pictures on wiltonnewyork.com and geysermilton.com

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Internet Explorer:

If you look at almost any story on our sites, you'll find that we like to put an emphasis on having plenty of pictures.  If you want to download a picture for non commercial use, please feel free to do so.  (For commercial applications, please e-mail us).

Also, all the pictures on our site are reduced in size for trafic/display reasons, if you want a full resolution picture to print, please e-mail us.

When designing wiltonnewyork.com and geysermilton.com, I tried to stay simple in a lot of ways, leaving open options for the predesigned browser options to be used.

From the collection of thumbnails, right click the thumbnail and in the context menu that opens, there will be a save option right by the open options- In Chrome and Firefox it's Save Link as, in Internet Explorer it's Save Target as.

When you blow up a picture, right click and select the save option among the picture options - It's Save Picture as in Internet Explorer and Save Image as in Chrome and Firefox.

If you want to set a particular picture as your computer's desktop wallpaper, there is the option in the picture options of Internet Explorer and Firefox, but not Chrome.

Another option in Internet Explorer and Firefox is to e-mail the picture. Though in Firefox clicking the Send option opens an e-mail message with a link to the picture, while in Internet Explorer, clicking the E-mail picture option opens an e-mail message with the picture as an attachment.

If you look through the options a little more, you'll see such options as setting a picture as your desktops wallpaper, directly printing the image, copying the image to paste into other programs and more.

Now, on a Macintosh, all of these options will actually work the same, assuming your mac has a mouse with a right button.  If you're using a non apple mouse with your Mac, it's probably got a right button, also right button functionality is one of the features that was quietly added to the Macintosh Mighty and Magic mice (The mouse with the little gray ball, and the mouse with a touch sensing surface.)

Even with an older one button only mouse, context menu functionality can still be accessed by holding down the control button on the keyboard while pressing the primary mouse button.

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