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Thanksgiving is more than anything, the holiday that's about family. And with people living so far apart, it's often tricky to keep in contact. However technology offers many options for keeping in touch. First of all, the oldest and most basic option… more »


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Internet Explorer: Chrome: Firefox: If you look at almost any story on our sites, you'll find that we like to put an emphasis on having plenty of pictures.  If you want to download a picture for non commercial use, pl… more »


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My mother has wanted to put together a slide show for her blog, the ones where she has a lot of pictures she wants to upload anyway.  After a little checking I found the site authorSTREAM which offers free streaming of uploaded powerpoint slideshow… more »


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There are a lot of ways to slip up and find your computer infested with Malware.  Well, whatever the circumstances, you?ll want to get rid of it once you know it?s there. First off, you will want to figure out what?s on your machine.  Here?s… more »


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When you're browsing on the internet, even with the good popup blockers incorporated into every modern browser, a few will get through. And when you get rid of them, you have to be careful because not all popup's are benign. One favorite malevalent popu… more »
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