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Basic physics says that when electricity flows through any non-superconductor, it generates heat in the process.  Computers need to get rid of this heat in order to keep working, so cases are built to maintain an airflow across hot components to co… more »


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In addition to routine cleaning, keyboards are often subjected to spilled liquids. If this happens, the very first thing to do is to disconnect your keyboards power. If it plugs into the back of your system, pull that plug immediately. If it’s a w… more »
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As the components of the computers that gets the most direct contact with you, your mouse and keyboard will have the most need for regular cleaning. Though when I say cleaning, I also mean disinfecting. Your keyboard and mouse can pick up significant vo… more »
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  Most systems use LCD monitors, replacing the old CRT monitors. The most visible difference between them is the thinness of LCD’s. But in cleaning terms, there’s another important difference. CRT’s have screens made of glass, wh… more »
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