You'll get used to it!


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You'll get used to it!

The past couple of weeks we have had major changes in our backyard.  We had a very shady backyard which had become too shady and grassless over time. But with my poor heat tolerance and my MS progressing it was easy to delay making changes.  And as we were still able to garden in containers upon sections of our deck we felt we could continue to live with it.

However our shade was being provided by tree's that were eventually going to have to be cut down.  The biggest tree was a very large old butternut.  It had provided wonderful shade for us for over 30 years but it was dying and had to come down.  And on the other side we had four trees that were not growing in a healthy way so we figured might as well have them down too!


The picture shows the big production this was.  You can also see in the picture large branches coming over the fence from my neighbors that were starting to break the fence.  This had been from an old tree we had had cut down 15 years ago and our previous neighbors had let it grow back up. It gave us shade but was ugly and our new neighbors wanted it down so she could plant some cherry trees. So yesterday they had those cut down too!

When I looked out this morning and walked down our ramp bridge to our deck I was just overwhelmed with the desolateness of our yard! I mentioned this to my husband as I was very upset.  His response was, "you'll get used to it".

Now, that sentence is a loaded sentence to me. To say to a person with  Multiple Sclerosis or a disability "you'll get used to it " brings back memories of all the times you have been told you'll get used to things.

But overtime I like so many others realized that with a little bit of adaptation, environmental and emotional support these situations could be handled so much better. I knew that the back yard was not going to stay the way it is now.

Actually, I had tentative plans already in place to take advantage of the sun we now have. My sons are going to build me a raised bed for my long desired salad garden.  They are also going to enlarge the area where I've grown herbs on the railing of my ramp-bridge.  And now that we have all this sun their going to plant a garden for themselves.

But looking around outback I knew that was not going to be enough.  So I walked around outside and sat and thought about it.  Why was this so upsetting to me ? What was so important about losing those trees?

After while I had my answers. What I loved about my too shady backyard was that it replaced my much loved jaunts out into nature.  The long walks in the woods, the hikes up mountains, the bike rides along beautiful shady fragrant lanes that are now things of the past. The smell of the forest floor and the light shining through the leaves are etched in my memory so deeply that I can re- live them just by sitting out in my backyard.  And the wonderful surprise of suddenly finding a new, unusual or an old favorite wildflower has always been such a treat. Truly being out in nature nourishes my soul.

But being a 73 year old women who has lived with MS for many many years adaptation is secondhand.  So if I add a Japanese maple where those overhanging branches were and have climbing Vines up over the ramp-bridge (roses would be the best). And then add some wildflowers ,sunflowers etc.  We should be getting on a good track.

And maybe I should make plans also to get out on a nature trail soon. Two years ago I went with my older son up to the Adirondack Park Visitor Center at Paul Smith College in the Adirondacks. www.trails,com/tcatalog_trail.aspx?trailid=H  They had a nice exhibit and trails I could travel with my electric chair. We had planned to go up to John Dillon Park also in the Adirondacks last year but I was not up to it. John Dillon Park is especially for the handicapped. Check out their site for more information   www.johndillonpark.org  

If I'm not in my garden maybe I'll see you there! Be sure to let me know if you do visit.


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