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Living here in upstate N.Y. has always been manageable for me. As I love to be outdoors and garden (see my previous many blogs on the subject) having a nervous system that's already slow due to MS get hit with heat I have had to adapt. And adapt I have.

I use ice packs under my hat, around my neck chest and wrists as needed. Then there are fan's, sprays, cool drinks and just plain hose on myself. I also have two major shady retreats; the front porch and the deck out back under the canopy. At one time we had shade from our neighbors old majestic pine trees. But alas they cut down all the lower branches so we substituted with the canopy. It's not as effective but it works. Then equally important would be more of the little shady rest spots thru our property that I garden in that I used to have. We usually have 10 -13  90 deg. days during the summer but not lasting more than a day or 2 at a time. Not this year we just are coming off a 6 day heat wave of 90 ++ temps. With horrendous humidity in the 70.s. And we went from a dry spring to monsoon like summer rains which kept the humidity up. It's the humidity that's the killer with the heat. No wonder more people die in a heat wave than a hurricane, tornado or earthquake. And the people around me are feeling maybe a bit like I am normally as the heat slows down their neuron conductivity a bit! I even had a person relate to me this feeling with empathy? I thought maybe it would bring a new realization of what it's like to be SLOW ME. Walking so slow..thinking so slow..doing everything so slow..what a drag !! 

Well the heat wave has passed and the torrential rains too! Life is much better for me. I'm not getting stuck to the ground when I'm out, can walk further, think better and not exhausted even when I'm in air-conditioning. And the people around me are back to normal!  I hope their experience will show new empathy .

As I who was once so zippy just keep getting slower and slower but I can relate to how I once felt when people tell me of their hiking,biking tennis events. How nice it would be if the remembrance of that itty bity slow down they had brought a realization and understanding of how I must feel. And that they realize I want to do so much  but it requires more time, rest periods, and sometimes a little help. And sometimes a big help and then sometimes no can do..sorry!!!

I must sound like I'm just griping up a storm. But I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. I read other blogs of people with MS and as I also was a physical therapist I heard this from my MS patients as well as those with other disabilities. A common problem was that that people didn't understand they were doing the best that they could. When people with friends or relatives with MS feel slowed down from the heat it's a perfect opportunity take a leap into their friends life. And then recognize that it's their nervous system being slowed they can get a glimpse of what is normal everyday for someone with MS. And then in heat and humidity how they must really can lose function!!

In fact back in the 1800's a dunk in a hot tub was a way of determining if the patient had MS as it brought up the symptoms which was at that time a confirmation of MS. Well, the humidity and heat are back. The heat not so bad but it's the humidity that's got me from walking to a few limps only and brain dead today! I can manage the heat much better than the humidity.

Back in my home with air conditioning. Thank God for Air-conditioning!! And knowing that Fall is on the way!!



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