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Gardening Solutions


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Gardening Solutions

My husband Bill and I have been waiting for the good weather of spring to finally come. We had a teaser for a week in April but then the temperature really dropped. However, on this Memorial Day weekend the weather was perfect. It was finally time to go to our local Garden store Dehns right here in town. I’ve always tried to go with Bill at least for the initial planning and buying session. And for the last two years I have been right there picking up and taking out the flowers and veggies that we decided to use. .

Before I got my electric wheelchair going there was a bit tricky. The paths like all nurseries have gravel and areas that can be muddy. When I would use my manual wheelchair I could get stuck and have to be pushed a fair amount of the time. And then…. oh I don’t want to go into my walker or cane problems. Also, of course there were times it was MS (my constant companion) that interfered with my going or good participation.

This year we both went. We loaded up my wheelchair into the van by way of a great wheelchair lift and took off for the first pick of flowers of the season. It was such a beautiful day everyone else had the same idea too. Therefore it was a bit crowded but we knew we would be back another day for more flowers and veggies. It takes time to get everything planted anyway!

We always start with the window boxes that wrap around our front porch. When we first moved here 30+ years ago we planted Petunias and other sun loving plants. But now the trees have grown and our front porch lives in shade. It does limit our selection of flowers. But of course with MS the shade is great for me. We always start with replanting the German Ivy that cascades over the boxes both on the street and the porch side. It grows so abundantly that we always have some left over which we bring inside with our other indoor plants. Then we add in the shade plants we select. This year it was salvia and nicotinia. We also selected two beautiful hanging begonia plants.

To be honest Bill does most all of the planting. I do a little or a lot. It depends on my energy level and strength which seems to be regulated by my MS. It doesn’t matter because that’s the way it is. If I push too much and I get exhausted Bill gets were really really annoyed. Actually I try to do Zen Gardening, a little every day being fully immersed with all my senses as well as the physical part of it. That way how much I do on one day doesn’t matter!
So we held off on planting the begonia’s in front of the evergreen bushes below the window boxes on the porch. But the next day when we did the planting it gave me an opportunity to try out two new long handle tools (a rake and a shovel) that Bill picked up from a local store Allerdice for me.

They actually extend so you can use them in two lengths. And they have an easy locking system that holds them in place. I think it really did help my back. When I spend time standing or leaning forward from my wheelchair and working with my arms my back can really ache later. I have found that it has been easy to end up with a sore back for several days. It’s just not worth it! “an ounce of prevention!”

So I use Zen gardening, the right equipment and try just being sensible. Then I can just enjoy and feel good about what I’ve accomplished. And look forward to doing more the next day. ellie

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