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Adirondack Trust and Versatile 2009

The Lending Team from The Adirondack Trust Company was beaming Tuesday on St Patrick's Day.

Vice presidents, Rich Ferguson and Michael O'Connell had joined the bank's executive vice-president, Steve von Schenk in visiting the Versatile Office & Storage Company on Route 9 in Wilton.

Rich and Denise Woodcock, owners of Versatile, were there to update the lending team on the company and to give them a tour of the sheds, storage pods and trailers that were the mainstay of the company's business.

After having just received the Small Business Administration's recognition of being the top small community lender in the Albany area for the eighth consecutive year the team wanted to hear how Versatile had gone from being a small business starting out to a company with projects from New York City to Rochester to Boston on the East.

Rich Woodcock told them Adirondack Trust had been his only bank then and was his only bank now (Plattsburgh branch uses a local bank for deposit services).

And he thanked Rich Ferguson for his twenty-two years of support as his lending officer at the bank. Woodcock has another fond memory of those early days of association with the bank.

His wife-to-be, Denise worked for the Trust Company and Woodcock says he got her to work for him (with a slight increase in pay).

Occasionally in those days the bank would say let's think about this - like when Woodcock wanted to build freestanding storage units like the Morr-Is-Stored complex on Old Gick Road. That was a new and different idea then.

Woodcock moved on and kept concentrating on the trailer rental part of his business. Wise move. Today, Versatile has trailers perched all over the Northeast and 25 employees moving and setting up the trailers.

Moving can be quite a job. Recently. A trailer being moved in Albany hit a bridge - messy, messy.

Rich says that wouldn't happen with Versatile. He uses special low-bed platforms for moving the trailers and his drivers know the routes and are experts in setting up the trailers - and taking them down.

Word gets around - and that's why the New York City Police came up to Wilton for storage trailers.

Contractors are big customers - and you find Versatile at most of the major construction projects in our area. You can bet when AMD starts in Malta, you'll find Versatile there.

Denise Woodcock handles the Shed part of Versatile. And you will find a neat selection of sheds at 789 Route 9. They're all from Pennsylvania and they are all Amish-built with Amish pride of craftmanship.

Denise says they buy from the same makers and every year they go to Lancaster County to see what's new - and perhaps add another maker's sheds.

Steve von Schenk says Versatile reflects the Trust Company's commitment to support local businesses. We derive our funds from the community and we re-invest in our community. That's been good for our bank and for our community.

Steve is also proud of the recognition of the Small Business Administration. For eight years in a row Adirondack Trust has been cited as the number one small community bank lender in the Albany region.

Charles V Wait, president of Adirondack Trust saysIt is our responsibility as a community bank to be responsive to small businesses legitimate credit needs.

von Schenk and his lending team welcome your enquiries. They say credit is available and to please, call Rich or Michael and make an appointment to discuss your needs. Please 584-5944