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Dead heat Travers - first since 1874

46,528 saw the photo finish and then they waited. Six minutes later Alpha and Golden Ticket were named winners in a dead heat.

Almost a three-way finish Fast Falcon was coming on strong to finish third. Golden Ticket at 33-1 made a huge upset but he had to share the victory with the favorite Alpha.

The last dead heat in the Travers was in 1874 before they had photos to determine a photo finish. Attila won a run-off over Acrobat to be declared winner of that race.

Gorgeous day saw 46,528 attend the Travers - up from 43,050 in 2011. On track handle also rose to $8,741,773 from $8,172,453 in 2011.

Racing is alive and well in Saratoga.

5 days remain to enjoy the track - and this Sunday is Saratoga Blanket Day which promises to be another winner.