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Saratoga Springs State of the City Feb 2012

Saratoga Springs Mayor Scott Johnson in his State of the City Address February 5 ended his remarks with an appeal to the new Democratic majority on the City Council/

...join together for what should always be

paramount in serving our City to be a City inclusive of all Saratogians.

It's been a good year for Saratoga Springs. Tax revenues including the hotel occupancy tax are up over 2010. Unemployment levels of 6.5% are are significantly better than state-wide levels.

VLT revenues partially returned and the City will work with our state representatives to increase that revenue..

Johnson saluted to public and private sector partnership that will see the construction of a 500 car parking facility that will be ready by the 2012 racing season.

Johnson asked for the same type of partnership to address the South Broadway entrance to the City.

With the closing of the Saratoga Diner there is nothing but empty space from the Hilton Garden Inn to Saratoga National. This is a prime entry to the City and must continue the landscaping that had been put in place on Route 9 from the Spa Park to the Adirondack Trust Office.

Johnson also urged support of thoroughbred racing and asked what effect casino gambling if approved by the State would have on our racing industry.

The Address was held on the second level of the renovated City Center. All members of the City Council attended except Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan who had a family emergency. Former Mayor Mike O'Connell opened the Meeting with remarks.

Johnson commented that his first address four years was on Super Bowl Sunday and the Giants won that day. He hoped it would be a good omen. It was a good omen.