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State Farm Agents May 2006

Meet Good Citizens and State Farm representatives Bob Bissonette, Sherry Hoffman and Mike Murphy

State Farm has a trademark saying We live Where You Live and State Farm agents, Sherry Hoffman, Bob Bissonette and Mike Murphy typify that.

Bob lives in Wilton, his two daughters go to Dorothy Nolan and his office is on Maple Avenue. Sherry and Mike live in Geyser Crest and their children go to Geyser School. Sherry's office is on Geyser Road and Mike's office is on Washington Street in downtown Saratoga right between the other two offices.

Those are offices right in the neighborhood.

That's part of State Farm's philosophy of operation Like A Good Neighbor State Farm Is There is actually trademarked by State Farm. And State Farm adheres to that


Soon after State Farm opened their regional headquarters for the New England and Upstate New York division, I talked with Jim Ryman, head of the region.

I asked Jim what tax concessions and incentives did State Farm receive for putting their regional headquarters in Malta.

Jim told me none and he said that State Farm clients paid their fair share of taxes and that State Farm would do so, too.

Before Bob, Sherry and Mike became agents, they had worked for State Farm.

Now, as agents they not only understand how the Company operates but they have shared a company value system that says involvement in the community is vital.

Sherry is the Treasurer for Shelters of Saratoga and she would urge everyone to attend the benefit for Shelters at the Canfield Casino Thursday March 31. You'll find Sherry there and Sherry will be working to help the benefit.

You would also have found Sherry at the Winter Special Olympics event at the Spa Park.

State Farm is a sponsor of the event. and Sherry is there every February.You will also find Mike doing his bit to support Special Olympics. Mike loves hands-on and you will find Mike (plays bass and guitar) and his band from St Mary's playing most weekends at a community function. Mike especially loves summer when the band plays for disabled kids at the Clover Patch camp. Mike is also on the Board for Domestic Violences Services.

Bob is a staunch member of the Saratoga Rotary and has served the Rotary as Assistant Treasurer. Bob will also be on hand to work for Habitant for Humanity (his wife is on the

local board).

All have children in our schools and are active members of Geyser and Dorothy Nolan

parent associations.

Sherry's office is at 418 Geyser RoadCall 580-1181. Mike's office is at 58 Washington Street.Call 581-8240. Bob's office is at 440 Maple Avenue (Route 9) Call 587-6483.