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Home Show gives Spring Preview

Lots of smiles on the first weekend of March in Saratoga. With the Rotary Home Show at the City Center people know winter is ending and spring is less than 20 days away.

It helps having the nursery exhibitors with their plants in full bloom on display. And home remodelers like Granite and Marble with displays to show swhat you can do to freshen up your home.

Banks like Adirondack Trust and Saratoga National are at the Show with lots of ways to afford and budget those improvements.

The Chamber joined in Saturday taking over the upper floor of the City Center to spotlight spring & summer fun.

The work starts Wednesday when Heather Mabee and her crew from Allerdice RentAll arrive to set-up the Show and that takes a full two days and a half. With the addition of the former atrium space the Show covers the full floor of the City Center.

Proceeds from the Show fund Rotary Scholarship and community projects.