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Republicans - your decision - Kathy or Roy

Kathy Marchione

Kathy says she has demonstrated the consistent leadership that our area needs and should demand from its Senator..

Kathy will speak of how she began her political career as Supervisor of the Town of Halfmoon. Under her leadership the Town not only had a No Town Tax policy but was able to make vital vital park and infrastructure improvements.

Twelve years ago she was asked to run for County Cler. Kathy said this was not only an opportunity she welcomed to restore integrity to the operation but also to improve its operation.

Kathy said she was at the Motor Vehicle Office in the Wilton Mall August 3 to begin her canvassing of Wilton voters to emphasize what had happened in the County Clerk's office under her leadership.

Previously, we had had a crowded City office with no parking. Now, we have a spacious office with ample free parking in the Wilton Mall. Along with the new office Kathy will tell you of constant training to ensure all County employees understand their job is to serve the public. Kathy says this is vital and she personally is involved in much of the training of personnel. She will also tell you people can make appointments for their DMV renewals to fit their schedules.

She says you listen to people and learn what they need. You also she says do what is right. She is proud of standing up to Governor Spitzer to stop the issuing of driver licenses to illegal aliens..

She says this is the motivation for her campaign for the State Senate. People know who I am and what I stand for. In Albany I will fight to lower taxes, eliminate jog-killing regulations and reduce spending..

She says she has problems with our present Senator who has changed his position on policies such as the same-sex marriage law. .

She says People need to know where you stand and they need to know they can count on you to keep your word.

Roy McDonald

Good to have friends.

That's important to Senator Roy McDonald. And it's one of the reasons he was at Gavin Park to talk about politics and life. Gavin Park is a continuing focus of life in Wilton. It was started by Roy when he was Supervisor of the Town.

Roy will tell you we have the success story of New York State in Wilton and Saratoga County.

People and businesses like target, Global Foundries, Ace and even State Farm have come here because our area is friendly to business and we have an environment friendly to people.

Roy points to the on-going development of Gavin Park. With the Dailey Gym, on-going soccer and youth baseball programs sparking the use of the park, Gavin Park is testament to the type of community that people want for their home..

He points to a County with the lowest taxes in the State - and to Wilton were the NO Town Tax policy he started continues 28 years later..

Low taxes is a sign of fiscal management and that's important to companies planning to expand or to come here.

Roy talks about leading the Town of Wilton's efforts to attract Companies like Target and Ace and his leading the County's efforts that have paid off in the massive Global Foundries commitment in Malta.

Roy is maintaining that same commitment to fiscal management in the Senate. He says fiscal management is key to attracting business.

He will also emphasize good to have friends. Roy will tell you 75% of New York population is below Poughkeepsie. That means you have to work with our friends downstate. And you have to work with our Governor regardless of party.

Our State is getting back on the path of fiscal responsibility and Roy is proud that as a New York Senator he is helping make that happen.

Roy says he has a proven record of creating work and employment opportunities in our area. When the economy is sound, good things happen. He asks for your support again in the September Republican Primary.