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Track Open House - July 17 2011

The July 17 Track Open House is a preview of the excitement. But it's much more. This is a day dedicated to families and an introduction of what a Day at Races can be.

Five hurdle Races on the turf course give racing excitement - but no betting. The Backyard is filled with attractions for kids. Face painting, inflatables, clowns and, of course, rides on kid-size ponies.

Local charities run the food concessions.. The Islip Horsemen present their choreographed prancing horses in intricate circles and pinwheels.

As always backstretch tours had families lined up waiting. Fortunately, on a hot day they could wait under the shade of the ticket booth canopies.

The little ponies will be gone until the Labor Day weekend but families will find a warm welcome to the 143rd Meeting at Saratoga.

This is one classic sporting venue (Sports Illustrated says one of the top ten in the world) where you can bring picnic baskets and stake out your table under the great elms

And you never know who you will see at the Track.