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Talking about hearing April 2012

Wine may improve with age but hearing unlikely. Studies show by age 75 about half of our mature population has hearing loss.

It's a problem that creeps up on you. You notice the radio and TV programs have turned down the sound and you have to compensate by turning up the volume.

For some reason people aren't speaking as clearly; - you have to ask them to repeat what they're saying.

And conversations at parties of large groups leave you feeling in a bit of daze.

Dr Robin Solomon, audiologist, will tell you that can be perfectly natural. And it's part of the aging process. Note: hearing loss can affect infants to seniors.

That's how Dr Solomon can help. She has the equipment and the knowledge to measure just how good your hearing is. She performs hearing tests in a sound proof environment with no distracting sound.

After the completion of the tests she can tell you how your hearing measures up or doesn't. She reviews with you options for treating the problem. It may require assistive devices. She might even have to refer you to a medical specialist

Perhaps, techniques like facing people as they talk, how you handle listening in crowds, asking people to repeat their statements can help.

She encourages family members who provide support to be at the hearing exam - not in the room where tests are conducted - but in a comfortable waiting room with a big TV which can play cartoons for children.

It's a comfortable environment for families - even more so for the person being tested. Dr Solomon will tell you after 12 years performing audiological testing for a local hospital she decided her practice would have a friendly, comfortable and spacious atmosphere. And not only would she have testing rooms, she would also have a room where the removal of earwax build-up could be done.

Dr Solomon has a variety of all major hearing aid and assistive device brands. . Not only are the devices stocked in depth but repairs can be made at the facility

Dr Solomon's practice - Hearing Care Resources - is located in Wilton off Route 9 on Mountain Ledge - near the Wilton Campus of SUNY Adirondack. For information please call 580-0080 or visit www.Hearing.Pro