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Cardiac Care Unit Jan 2011

On May 11, 2004 the Northwest Tower of Glens Falls was topped-off (see Page 11) and the structural frame for the tower was complete.

Cardiologist David Judkins was there and he remembers signing the inscribed beam that completed the structure of the Tower..

Today, he and his associates at Adirondack Cardiology are tending to critical care cardiac patents in a unit devoted to cardiac patients in the Northwest Tower.

The four bed unit which has just opened next to the medical intensive care unit features state-of-the-art monitors, radiopaque beds which may be used with X-rays.

Now Doctor Judkins and his associates at Adirondack Cardiology will be able to manage the care of patients in the unit with procedures including coronary angioplasty, intra-aortic balloon pumps, diagnostic cardiac catheterization.

Doctor Judkins commented that not only will the new unit allow more complex care and close and continuous care but it will be an important learning resource for the nursing staff.

He says it will be a learning experience for the doctors also.

This is the dream Charles R Wood Charlie Wood had. Charlie knew the need for the Northwest Tower. He knew that if Glens Falls Hospital was to continue to meet the medical needs of the community it would have to make a major investment in the future.

The Tower is a $65 million investment and Charlie was the largest single donor. Today, the Charles R Wood Cancer Center in the Northwest Tower honors his memory.

The Cardiac Care Unit now joins the Cancer Center, the Intensive Care and other treatment centers in the Northwest Tower.

Glens Falls Hospital is a 410-bed,

not-for-profit hospital serving a six county community.

On May 11, 2004 the inscribed beam with hundreds of signatures and comments was swung into place to complete the topping-off of the Northwest Tower of Glens Falls Hospital..

Charles R Wood was there to see his dream of a medical facility offering the most comprehensive quality care to the community and Warren and Saratoga Counties.

To support this dream Wood led the drive to build the Northwest Tower - a $65 million facility with the most modern equipment -- with the largest single donation in the drive.

In September 2004 Wood died. In his memory the C. R. Wood Cancer Center devoted to advanced treatment and innovative education and support programs occupies the Northwest Tower. As the largest medical complex between Albany and Montreal the Northwest Tower is a striking symbol of the Hospital's commitment to provide the finest and most comprehensive medical care for the people of Warren and Saratoga Counties.