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Young and eager to learn about science

That's the whole idea of the Science Fair at Dorothy Nolan January 15.

All of the kindergarten through second grade class rooms had science experiments going on. As visitors circled the classrooms (stickers after completing experiments) they would experience a variety of different scientific principles..

Everything from the test of a plunger strength -14# per cubic" makes a really tight bound- to balloon rockets zipping along lines. Lots going on with pop rockets in the cafeteria flying in first stop of the tour.

Dorothy Nolan will have a later Science Fair with the older students demonstrating their skills and experiments.

This was a demonstration for the younger students to get them interested in the many facets of science.

Little things can have major influences. A college friend of mine became a geologist after as a child he had visited the Petrified Gardens in Saratoga Springs when his parents were visiting during racing. That visit changed his life.