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soups on downtown

February with the low temperatures and falling snow is a perfect time to reflect on all the way the many downtown restaurants can cook up different styles of hearty chowder.

This year there were a few new restaurants participating, and they did rather well. The lines stretched out like they do every year, but they moved quickly like they do every year.

Chowderfest has always been one of the things to look forward to in February, and this year was no different.

Even the staunchest chowderheads will find chug-a-lugging 85 cups of chowder a task for Cool Hand Luke. Great selection and variety brought 30,000 to Saratoga to enjoy 133,121 cups of chowder

Dogs have their own chowder during Chowderfest (even a Mayor’s trophy for best Dog Chowder) and now pet pot-bellied pigs are promenading Broadway to sample the dog offerings. Great addition and hope more pot-bellied pigs will be back next year