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Chowder beats cold

You'd never know from the smiles on the faces that Chowderfest February 2 was a cold, Good chowder warms the tummie - and warms the spirit. And Saratoga was blazing.

More than 70 restaurants were feeding the 20,000 plus Chowderheads with their special blends of spices and ingredients for chowders reflecting Yankee clam chowders to exotic Thai creations

Wasn't only people enjoying chowder - see page 16 for story on dogs.

Druthers, on Broadway was voted best new comer and best on Broadway.

Seven Horse Pub on Phila got the nod for best overall chowder and best off-Broadway.

And the Parting Glass served over 5,000 cups of chowdser.

Saratoga is dog-friendly territory ands never more than at Chowderfest time.

Impressions, Dawgdom and Sloppy Kisses have chowder brewed for dogs.

And a friendly competition to see who makes the best dog chowder.

The competition takes place at the Downtowner Motel and the Mayor's dog Biff samples each of the chowders and Biff is released to see which chowder he makes tracks for.

This year (as usual) Biff headed for the chowder prepared by Impressions. Marianne says she has a secret ingredient - venison. She can also thank Dave Barker for his hunting skills.