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Downtown Chowderfest - Feb 5 2011

70,000 cups of hot chowder - and some Chug Mugs - but not many. Paul O'Donnell (no relation) at Celtic Treasures ran out of Chugs ten minutes after he opened. Hint to the organizers - order more Chugs next year. They are a winner.

70,000 cups - and some Chugs - meant about 12 to 14,000 chowderheads on Broadway.

Big crowd and every parking lot - and street within a mile of Broadway was jammed with cars…

This is one of the fun events in Saratoga. The Parting Glass continued to be a magnet drawing folks off Broadway. They ladled out 5,000 cups, some Chugs, of their chowder which was the greatest number dispensed by any restaurant in town.

Anchoring the Chowderfest this year was the Wishing Well and other off-Broadway restaurants at the Saratoga Hilton and City Center.