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Brian Lee's new book Jan 17 2012

Brian Lee's new book is titled Adding Insult To Injury.

It's about what happens if you are ever in a motor vehicle accident.

A great book to read if you have not been in an accident or not been in an accident lately.

You see, knowing what to do if you're in an accident, can help you navigate a confusing and very complicated situation.

For example: if you suffer any sort of injury in an accident, take the ambulance to the hospital.

Don't tough it it out. In other words don't be a refused ambulance at the scene. Even what appears minor may be more serious and should be checked at the hospital.

Insurance adjusters love refused ambulance at the scene. That means they can start from the no serious incident occurred when negotiating claim payments.

Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company and their job is to pay as little as possible in claims.

Brian talks about this and other consequences of accidents. And if you have never had an accident, you are the rare exception. Accidents do happen and you need to know what do if it happens.

Along with the book Brian has made another commitment to help people who have had motor vehicle accidents. He has contributed $10,000 to fund educational training at Saratoga Hospital's Emergency Care Unit.

Brian says he has great respect for the care provided by the Emergency Room. He knows how it has helped his clients. And he feels his funding will help make that care even better.

He says this is support he will continue.

Brian and his law practice is located at 138 Church Street, Saratoga Springs.

His practice is devoted to representing motor vehicle victims.

Please, call 587-1380 or visit