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Adirondac Summer Sports Expo March 2012

kayaking, scuba now then wait for summer

That's why Rich Moran's Glens Falls Scuba Center brought a 15,000 gallon heated pool in the Saratoga City Center March 10&11 for the Adirondack Summer Sports Expo.

Rich knows there is nothing like first hand experience to get new customers for water sports and fun.

This year that fun promises to start early.

We may not be swimming in Saratoga Lake but fisherman are already out on the Lake and there isn't much if any ice left.

Kayakers may not find the water quite so cold when they tackle the Mechanicville/Tenandeho White Water Derby. Starts at noon and roars through the city April 1.

Golfers have already been making the rounds on the not-quite-green turf.

It's going to be a great spring for sports .